This lotion makes skin feel soft to the touch. Soft like a childs botttom. With all the nautral minerals the earth has to use. They likewise utilize natural ingredients to make a lasting ((sexy)) fragrance simply for guys, that will linger with them all day. It is made just for guys. They understand a guys face and how it will be impacted by shaving and the elements. With their natural and unique formula for guys they resolve those special needs. It is a skin cream that is not made with harmful parabens. The natural oils are rapidly absorbed by the skin and will secure it from the results of the elements. The damage from wind and sun in addition to pollutants. In the kind of vitamin E and C, it will stop free radicals in its tracks. Saving the skin from premature wrinkling and creases. As well as waiting from drying. It will hydrate the skin with Dead Sea Minerals leaving it looking fresh as the morning dew. This is their trick to develop the best face moisturizer for men. Glycerin: This keeps the skin moisturized on a deep level and protects the skin from contaminants and organisms that trigger damage to the skin. Allantoin: This is a natural chemical substance produces by living organisms which offers a relaxing result on the skin. If you shave and chafe yourself, then you will not feel it. Its an anti-irritant and a natural therapist. Argan Oil - An unusual oil, produced from nuts grown simply in Morocco, which nurtures the hair and the scalp with dampness. African Shea Oil - This oil is in fact known for anti aging and is hypoallergenic. It slows the aging procedure of the skin so your skin looks younger. Centella Asiatica - This is the extract from the Centella Asiatica leaves. It is known for deep skin renewal for its anti aging benefits. It can even fix injuries.


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